Haswell micro atx build

I am thinking of doing a liquid cooled micro atx haswell gaming build and I want everyones thoughts. I am shooting for about a $2500 budget with cooling loop included this build fits that perfectly so if you have a suggestion please keep it in budget.


The core components:

i5 4670k

Asus Gryphon Z87

GTX 770

HX 850 (already have it)

2 x Neutron GTX 240GB (boot+games)

1TB WD Black (media storage)

Corsair 350D case


As far as liquid cooling components go I was thinking I would go with all XSPC but I'm open to suggestions .

Liquid cooling parts list:

Corsair SP series fans

60 x 240mm front rad (push/pull)

35 x 280mm top rad (pull)

CPU block

770 block

tube res

D5 pump

Has anyone heard confirmation on the rumors of Titan blocks being compatible with the 770 and 780.

Ok so for those reading this I'm just keeping things updated, the titan blocks are compatable with 780 but not 770 from the looks of it so I'm waiting for someone to release a 770 block.