Haswell? Ivy? FX?

OK, ive been saving for my computer build for about 6 months (im 15) and i have about $450 for the CPU and mother board total. Ive already got a power supply, hard drive, ssd, and case. I plan on getting a 770 later once i get enough cash. For now i would like to get the computer up and running. I can't decide what platform to go with though. If i go amd i would pick up the 8350, for intel I would prob choose the 4770k because at micro center i only save about 50 bucks if i go with ivy bridge. I plan on playing most new titles (Metro, Crisis, etc). By going with Amd I Could save about $110. 

1. Is the extra cash worth Intel

2. Is it worth the exrtra -120 ish from i5 to i7? 
(I Plan on some video editing, gamming and possible photoshop, etc) 

I'd get an 8350, for sure - equivalent to the 3770k, which is about 5% slower than the 4770k. The 3770k and 8350 both overclock far better than the 4770k, and are cheaper.

AMD is a good all-round choice, it does everything you need it to. The main advantage to Intel is the choice of motherboards. Get an AMD mobo with PCIe gen 3.0 (for assurance), then you should have no concerns, and you will save money.

you will need some kind of GPU with amd as there is no onboard graphics so seems like a wash $110 saved on cpu but a need  for a GPU

Probably worth finding the extra cash for a 7950, over the much more expensive 770. Then he can have his system operational in a short time.

I'm in the middle of buying parts for a new tower myself, and I just got the 8350 in the mail today. It's a very strong CPU for the money. If you're wanting money to buy games, look for the video cards that are actually being sold with games. Quite a few are offering Far Cry 3, Bioshock, and Crysis 3. That should save you some coin

I agree my 7950 paired with a FX-6300 oc'ed to 4.2 serves me very well. I saved on cpu and splerged on gpu. A great gaming combo

I'd have to agree with the previous posts; the FX-8350 is probably for you. Really solid CPU and fantastic value in multithreaded programs, such as modern games. My own personal opinion is Intel is really shooting for the high-end and mobile via LGA 2011, the 4770K and Haswell as a generation of products. AMD is there in the middle, where you appear to be. My own suggestion is to buy the 8350 with a very solid motherboard, which really shouldn't be dramatically more than $185, and put the rest of the money towards the GPU. For basic video editing, the 8350 is a beast and the 8350 will not bottleneck with any game on the market. As we move forward, games continue to become more GPU-centric due to CPUs being so powerful overall, evident in the i5 preforming just as well as an i7 in gaming; add in the 8 cores of the 8350 and you're set for a fantastic build.

Yeah, that's usually the setup I recommend at a given price point. The 7950 is a generous card, for the price. I'd pick the 7950 over the '70. Just makes sense.

Try looking around on Ebay for a used i5 3570k, i7 3770k, or a FX 8350 (depending on your preference).  You can run into some amazing deals on there.  Just be smart about who you are buying from.  Check out their profile and read some of the things people have said about 'em.  I found my 3570k on Ebay for $150.

Also, make sure your PSU can handle the GTX 770.  The GTX 770 requires 42 amps on the 12v rail.  My Corsair CX600, for example, only has 40 amps.  So, the GTX 770 probably wouldn't work in my system.  Just thought I'd mention this.  If you don't have a particular preference, I would suggest getting the HD 7970 instead of the GTX 770.  They are nearly even in terms of speed, and if you plan on modding games such as Skyrim or playing on a high resolution monitor, the extra VRam would be useful.

I would also suggest looking for a HD 7970 on Ebay.  I found a GTX 670 on there for $300

wow, u guys are awesome. ill prob go with the 8350 and the 7950.... wow u guys saved me some $$ i could prob upgrade the gpu to a 7970 if i want now or buy a mechanical keyboard and headset!

There's like a 2% difference between the 7950 and the '70, for like $100 more.

the asus 7970 is nice and its got a backplate mmmmm backplate urhhhhh

It is also voltage locked, leaving overclocking limited. Go for an MSI 7950 and order a custom backplate from Dwood.

haha well i was actually going to get a mount for an h60 for it from him anyway!

I got amd but I would go intel, less heat bro. And I kinda like single thread performance 

alot more games are going to be coded for amd architecture, cause amd is making the processors for the new consoles....

I would vow for the AMD FX 8320, its a little slower then the 8350 in terms of clock speed, but you can easily overclock the 8320 just as good as the 8350, you'll be able to save a few more bucks that way for a better GPU maybe

If you do image and video editing, then I would go for Intel.


i would go for FX8350 Asus Sabbertooth Gen3 this board has pci-e 3.0 on 48 pci-e lanes..

The money you saving compaired to a intel build you can put in a nice gpu, like msi 7950 twinfrozer, or a 7970.