Haswell-GTX 760- Gaming PC

Hey guys!

Im trying to build a 800-850€ gaming PC, ive got all my parts pretty much figured out but wanted to know other peoples opinions (please no "take this instead!" without saying why...).

Im in Germany and will be buying from mindfactory.de, in the budget is only the PC itself!(OS excluded (win7 64bit))

I will not overclock for now, but I am planning to do so in the future when I need the extra power.

The PC will be used for gaming at 1080p on a single monitor, specifically Battlefield 3/4!

---> Mindfactory Basket

Have a good day!

I would advise using a 120GB SSD. It's not a large enough space for all your programs, OS and games. I would purchase a 1TB HDD and add an SSD later.

I think this is a good build. I am unsure of the power supply. I would prefer the XFX equivalent. This is because I know a little bit more about XFX, their PSUs are manufactured by Seasonic. There's nothing wrong with XFX, but some of their PSUs are not modular.

I would grab a second stick of RAM at a later time, and then this will "tick all the boxes".

Are you sure that you are going with i5 haswell? If you are overclocking might want to go with 3570k or 8350... both of those are great to overclock

Haswell will still give a suitable overclock for a gaming system, just not a productivity computer. If we are honest, overclocking doesn't effect gaming all that much. It can raise your minimum frames a little. Get Haswell, overclock to 4.2, sorted.

Haswell has better utilities and connectivity, et cetera.

Yea i think if you are building now and not going for an insane OC just for the fun of it, go Haswell. The new platform features are pretty sweet and its only early days.

Hey, yeah sorry I didnt specify that I still have a few HDD's lying around. So storage wont be a problem!

The power supply should be good. Be Quiet! is a German company and I've only heard good things, but thanks for the suggestion! Looks like the XFX PSU isnt available on mindfactory anyway...

Second RAM will ofcourse come eventually! Awesome that you agree with my build, now im more confident :D


Im loving the new motherboards as well! :D


One more thing. Do you guys think I should purchase an aftermarket cooler now or wait until (if) I overclock? I was looking at the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo.

You should definitely go with the Hyper 212 Evo from the start. You should work out the dimensions first before anything though. It says the Evo has a 160mm clearance but I'm not sure if the side panel fan will still be able to be mounted. I have no experience with either of the parts, you might want to do a bit of research on it. Nonetheless, I like your build. Goodluck, hopefully everything works out well!