Haswell EP Xeon 2600 v3 & 2133MHz @ 1.35v?

Hello! does anyone know if Haswell EP 2600 v3 Xeons support (Non-Ecc) DDR4 2133MHz with 1.35v?


No. It will only support DDR3.

NO. That's Xeon 2600 VERSION ONE, NOT V3.

Xeon 2600 V3's should support 2133mhz DDR4 at 1.35v no problem.


I thought something was off.

The only thing that bugs me is that Intel doesn't have anything saying that it can support 1.35v. (I don't want to damage it)
Also contacted them and they couldn't help me with my problem. :'(

Really for 1.35v the Xeon 2600 V3 series only supports that voltage in a more official capacity for DDR3L, but if you link me to the ram and motherboard your looking into, we can check for you to ensure it will be all good :3



Hmm might be pushing it, I would suggest looking into using this kit of dominator's if you really want that look:


Its effectively the same product, but actually looks to be a revision and updated version of the kit you had linked. If your worried about the 2133mhz vs 2400mhz, don't worry. 2400mhz is bog standard by this point. No chip will have problems with 2400mhz, and if you really care, you can run it in 2133mhz mode.

I'm sure the chip itself could handle 2400Mhz, but I have no idea if Intel locked to down to 2133Mhz


Nah Xeon's run fine with XMP profiles on standard ram no problemo, there would be a mini-revolt if they didn't :P

But I do know that 2666+ doesn't work!

Lol since when? Most Haswell-EP Xeon's and I7's are actually very, very good with DDR4. Since they were the first generation of DDR4 compatible chips, they had to be capable of dealing with a very large variety of Timings, Voltages, and clock speeds. The memory controller on these chips is in general, extremely tollerant of a lot of different memory configurations. That's just one of the characteristics that Intel really focused on in order to ensure that there would be a minimal amount of DDR4 related issues with the Haswell-E and Haswell-EP launch, as prior to these chips there was no other that accepted DDR4, making this the first application and roll-out of the standard.

Based on Linuses 2699 v3 video, Xeons doesn't like the BCLK @ 125

His Xeon is also an engineering sample, which is not completely indicative of the retail product you would be receiving. Most Xeon's in the Haswell-EP Family can sustain 3000mhz+ memory no problem. Don't look at his Xeon as gospel, its not even the retail version of the cpu.

Actually, his is a QS with is identical to the OEM/retail
The one I'm getting in October is also a QS.

It says ES on the cpu... Its most definitely an Engineering sample dude. "QGNI ES," The ES is 100% for engineering sample.

ASUS & GIGABYTE doesn't support ES. in UEFI & CPUz ES are labeled as "Genuine Intel CPU @ 3.0.GHz (ES)"

1.35V is pretty high for generic DDR4. I'm running an E5-2660 V3 with Corsair LPX 2133MHz 1.2v and it works great.

The one with CL13 and XMP enabled?

Yep. Not using the XMP profile though, manually tuned it down to CL12.

Here it is when running stock with the XMP profile enabled though, just to show that it works perfectly fine.