Haswell Cooler Suggestions

Hello teksyndicate!

I need a better cooler than my boxed haswell 4770 cooler. It's quite silent but mediocre in idle temps (35-40 today) and insufficient at full load (games : 60-70 max, rendering a video : 80-90, max reached with prime95 in place fft : 101).

My case is an Enermax Blue Viper CS-718, it has a plastic tube that separates the bottom half of the case's in-out airflow to the chipset, cpu and memory only. I've had great temperatures with stock cooler on my overclocked  core2duo, but intel decided it's best to keep a warm quadcore cpu with a low profile tiny heatsink (money).

I need a cheap and good cooler that will fit in the case. Prefferably something more low profile so I can keep my air tube on. From my research I've found these:

I live in Romania, prices are higher than on newegg.

Thermaltake Contac 21 (this is the best as far as price-performance ratio goes) 26$

Xigmatek Loki SD96333$

Cooler Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (might be too big)  ~50$

Noctua NH-L12 (low profile, some people complained of not having space for RAM sticks, also very expensive - 84$)

I was considering the Noctua just to keep the tube on, though it would be more efficient if I'd get a vertical heatsink with fan (like the hyper212) because of even better airflow.

Do you think any of these coolers will fit? If they're compatible with LGA1156 and LGA1155 they should also be compatible with LGA1150 right?

Here are some pictures for reference:







well you really cant go wrong with a hyper 212 so.... get that. I don't know if it would fit in that freaky tube thing, but I don't think it would affect your vrm and chipset temps much if you removed it. The 212 is as tower heat sink so it blows the hot air into the rear fan anyway, unlike the stock cooler.

If I could get something smaller, it would still be the same air direction while being a more hunky heatsink to cool it off. You think the contac 21 is good enough?

I'm getting the hyper 212 evo as it's a known staple cooler for an overclocker, and since I won't OC it would stay silent.


It did fit and I'm very happy with the results so far (fanless 70 degrees max). Too bad the ram keeps me from putting it the way I want it.