Haswell build 2013 (PSU question)

Hi guys,

After 3 years i'm finally switching back to windows from mac. I've been using my Xbox 360 for gaming, but after the unveiling of the PS4 and Xbox One, I really wanted to switch to a windows gaming machine. So this will be my first build ever! i'm so exited!

i'm pretty sure that i know all of my components will work in my system, I'm just not sure what PSU i should buy.

my buget is pretty tight, only 50 Euro's for the PSU.

I'll list my build below. could you please give me advise about what PSU i should get, or maybe you have other comments:

Month 1:

Intel Core i5 4670K

Msi Z87-G43

Kingston HyperX 4 GB DDR3-1600

Samsung 840 Pro 250GB

LG GH24NS70 (standard dvd drive)

NZXT Phantom 410

Month 2:

1 TB drive

Nvidia GTX 760 (or an equivalent one if it's jot released by then)

Month 3:

Corsair H100i for overclocking in the future (probably the far future)

4 extra gigs of Kingston HyperX 4GB ddr3-1600 ram


Thank you!!

You have a tight budget for the PSU, it is something you should not try to save money on. A bad PSU will degrade your components, potentially ruining them.

However, you can save money on your build. For a gaming machine, running a 4670K, you do not need a H100i. There are a number of cheaper air coolers that will deliver similar results, with better acoustic performance. Most people would recommend an Ivybridge platform for gaming. Like the 3570K.

I like many of the parts you have chosen. Though, I would upgrade the motherboard from the G43 to the G45. I believe the G43 doesn't have "SLI" support. It would be a wise investment to have both crossfire and SLI. Particularly if you are choosing an Nvidia card.

Nvidia might not be the best option. We do not know the launch price of the 760. The 600 series or the 7900 cards could offer a better price to performance ratio.

Money saved will pay for a good PSU. Corsair AX or HX series, XFX, Seasonic, NZXT are all acceptable. You should purchase something which has a good efficiency rating of 80+ bronze, or greater. A single 12v rail. You will need 550W minimum for a single GPU system, and 700-750 for a dual card configuration. This includes allowances for a completely overclocked system.

Hi Berserker,

i'm not going for SLI so i didn't take that in consideration. I have no idea yet what GPU i want, that's for my next paycheck ;) and as you said, i'm probably going to end up with a cheaper cooler. i'm not planning to overclock my pc right away. 

Phanteks PH-TC12DX is a good all-round choice, it will save you (approximately) half the cost of the H100i. It should retail for around 50 euros. There is a larger 140mm version that provides the same cooling performance as the H100i. The Phanteks are very quiet. Alternately, you can choose a similar Noctua.

I believe that should balance everything. I would pick up a good 550-600W supply, it's all you need for a single GPU.



Here are two power supplies that are appropriate. The Seasonic is a better quality. It is wise to invest in a PSU that you can use in future builds. If your budget is too low, the XFX is a good alternative.

Prices are sourced from France. I was unsure if it would be more appropriate to choose Germany. Look to the top right of those links, you can change the country.

Bro your awesome thank you!


I would also consider changing the ssd from a 250 gb to a 128 gb, especially if you're going to be using another drive for all your mass storage. That should save you some money, unless they're running a sale or something.

I'd have to agree. I bought a 256GB 840 pro for myself. But, that's after I bought my display/GPU/CPU.

You can always add SSDs at a later time, the additional money can go towards a better GPU.

Order your RAM in one kit, adding two kits together can be hard of the memory controller. Its probably ok in your case as that RAM doesn't have a high voltage or high speed but its better safe then sorry. If you do get  two kits and they don't work together kingston will not RMA because there isn't a defect and work fine by themselves. Might I suggest THIS RAM?