Hasewell help

Im building a PC and ive bought an i5 4670k and a seasonic 80+ bronze power supply. Which i have later found out doesnt support hasewell!(My own stupidity). And ive heard that if you diable the c6 and c7 states the Pc will be fine, is this true? (I also have an ASUS Z87 board) Help is greatly appreciated!

It should be ok as long as you're not putting your system to sleep.  But I'd would see if I could swap for one that does fully support Haswell.

It's easy to forget to disable certain things when you reinstall Windows or update the bios.  Swapping the PSU just to be on the safe side as I have no idea what would happen if the computer were to enter sleep state.

If you haven't opened up the box for the PSU it shouldn't be a problem returning it.  Which I'm sure you would have 7 days right of return.

When you do return your PSU, get a corsair CX750M that does have full support for haswell. I do own that PSU

So if i disable them or just not put my computer to sleep it will be fine?


Yeah from what I can gather but I can't garuntee anything.  But hey the Corsair TX650M is an entry level enthusiast part that does support Haswell and doesn't cost a lot.