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Has steam in home streaming gotten better?


I’m looking at ridding my life of desktops right? I just had a thought.

Has in home streaming gotten better?

I only play counter strike at home really, but I can pipe IHS outside of my network and just stream to my thinkpad wherever I am. Then I can just set my desktop up on the fastest connection possible next to my router on gigabit and just have my thinkpad(s) connect over IHS.

Anyone know?


My kids use the steam in home streaming for my desktop to the steam link on the tv. Granted they only play Lego games so not exactly super latency dependent. But I’ve not seen any issues with the performance at all. And they don’t complain to me about any issues.


You would need a very fast and more so consistent connection. I have a steam link in my kitchen connected over crappy 2.4ghz WiFi from about 7m away and through a floor. It is only just fast enough for FTL at that and even then it will choke.

Wired it is perfect, like almost anywhere. I have heard of people making the connection to wider than their LAN and it working just fine, but officially Steam don’t support that and you have to work around it.


I got an actual steamlink last year when they were on sale for like $5. With a wired connection, I personally can’t notice any input lag. However, on the game I was playing (Final Fantasy XIV) I did notice that no matter what settings I used the graphics quality was never 1:1. The draw distance seemed to suffer the most.


IHS sucks bandwidth like nothing else.
Wired is okay for most games, wireless only works for puzzlegames or programms (what I use IHS for the most, stream whatever to my notebook so I can sit elsewhere in the house and work)

IHS to outside your LAN, not with normal upload speeds.


Steam streaming works fine so long as the bandwidth is good enough over your wifi (you’ll want bloody good wifi gear and no congestion on it), or you’re on a wired network.

If it’s not… you’ll get lag, connection glitches, etc.

I would never recommend it for stuff like competitive FPS, but for couch friendly games, RTS, things like tomb raider, etc. it is fine.


For a note for @gnif and Looking Glass, Steam In-Home Streaming actually uses NvFBC on Geforce cards flawlessly.


Yes, we were already aware of this thanks. It’s why I am a bit sour at nVidia over the whole NVFBC thing. We know we can make it work, but it is a breach of the API agreement for whoever downloads the SDK to compile it, in this instance, me personally, and I do not fancy being sued by nVidia.