Has my CPU died?

Last night I was having trouble with my rig displaying through displayport after it has been in sleep mode. Usually I switch quickly over to hdmi and make sure it's back on high performance mode and reset the bios via the board and restart. (This has always fixed it)
However this time after a few restarts it booted and to my surprise the mouse and keyboard didn't seem to be working. I restarted once more and now the pc does not even post. This is strange as it has never done this before.

I read up on a few forums that I should reset the cmos on the motherboard but first I took it apart and tested to make sure it wasn't anything else first. Tried with bare bones cpu, ram and gpu all connected still starts up but immediately restarts in a loop and doesn't make it to bios.
Tried the cmos tricks and it does the same. Tried a bios flashback and still no good.

My components are Asus vi formula, I7 4770k, gtx 780ti.
I've been using this setup for months, cpu never breaks the 40 degrees limit with the h100i.
I can't tell if it's the motherboard or the cpu that's fried. As for any indication on the motherboard led just 00 which is normally there on a everyday boot. It restarts before I can gather anymore information.

put the cpu in the barebone then. it would be very rare if your cpu has died.

im more leaning towards psu, or motherboard. or short cirquit, from the chasis to the motherboard.

I'll quickly mention I tried another working psu and it did the same.

As for the motherboard I had it stripped down to bare bones with just ram, cpu and gpu with same outcome. No beeps whatsoever.

  • Memtest the ram in another system
  • Try your cpu in another board.

My money is on the board being a dud. At least its under warranty (I hope for your sake it is anyway). Unless you have flogged the living daylights out of the cpu I dont think you have to worry about it being dead.