Has Logan gone full retard?

I'm sorry for the language in the title, I don't mean to offend people with actual medical issues of the brain. It's just an internet meme and memes grab attention. That being said, I respect Logan's opinion on The Tek, but his comparison test wasn't done with instruments that that full advantage of FLAC. (or even MP3 for that matter)

Logan played "My Teeth" when comparing MP3 to FLAC. What instrument does "My Teeth" use? Chiptunes. What is Chiptunes? Square Waves, Triangle Waves and Sine Waves that can be easily compressed anyway because those waves are more simple and easier to predict, non-digital instruments are harder to predict and compress.

I'm not surprised that 8-bit music sounds the same on a 16-bit codec as a 24-bit FLAC. Both of the audio codecs are bottlenecked by the music, please use complex non-digital instruments next time like a Violin or a drum solo with cymbals or a better audio codec benchmark would be a symphony or orchestra.

sushhhhhh! it must be true, they guy who gave him a free Amp & DAC we have now seen in 3+? videos said so! 

I would have to agree with you. I have no idea what was going on through Logan's head.

I'll play devil's advocate (it's quite rare that I don't want to but whatever)

if they played other music there's a fairly high chance that they would have gotten in trouble for copyright infringement, zweihander is the only music that logan has rights to use so it is what they had to use for demonstration

this said there are many songs in the public domain that would have been infinitely better examples, but let's call it just an oversight and it would extend production and video times

Depending on what they play, it may not be a problem.

I doubt Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig Van Beethoven or Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky would DMCA Tek Syndicate because...

A. They're dead

B. Their music is in public domain

C. Their music has been in public domain while they were alive, so even if Tchaikovsky faked his death and found some magical fountain of youth and came back into the public and was able to prove he's Tchaikovsky, he could not DMCA Tek Syndicate for his old work. (I love my messed up dry sense of humor)

They did tested more than just the song that was left in the video.  I think there were around 6-7 songs.

Only that one song made it through editing because: 

a: why would they show you half hour of Logan listening to the same songs over and over. Is not like we could make our own comparison through the video since by the time it is uploaded to youtube all the sounds are compressed.

b: Youtube's crazy copyright issues right now.

like I said, infinitely better examples

but considering you're watching through youtube the quality probably isn't even up to mp3 quality (correct me if i'm wrong), so you're trusting what logan says he hears regardless, might as well plug your own music

[/devil's advocate]

c: they probably thought we wanted to hear Zweihander.

Also, even if it's not legit 8-bit music, it's still using simple waves compared to non-digital instruments .

As others said he tested these songs also.

  • Bela Fleck - Hole In The Wall
  • Punch Brothers - Flippen
  • Klabautamann - Lurker In The Moonlight
  • Amon Amarth - Cry of the Black Birds

I just watched this video, and I don't think its possible to disagree with what they were saying as an audio noob that I am. It made sense to me, most of my music is actually pretty low bitrate like 64kb and I think it sounds pretty ok.

op is asking for the banhammer


also the comparisons are made using headphones/headset. not everyone seems to get this context.

Just once in my life I would like to wield the mighty ban hammer...

It would be fun... until the power goes to my head and I start banning EVERYONE just for the hell of it :D

whole site ban

No one will get banned for criticizing. There has been a ban, but it was the WAY the criticism was done that caused it, as is in no way related to this.

OP, he did test other music, non 8-bit included. I for one, do think there is a difference, but for him, there was not. I don't think he would lie about it.

I think OP needs to learn how to properly state an argument. When you attack people I instantly disagree with what ever you said because a good argument doesn't need attacks to survive or been seen as true. That being said its not like Logan did 30 minutes of research and then threw up a video. He did hours and hours of work. I can only imagine the amount of video that got cut in editing.

As others have stated he used other songs to test. He's not stupid. He understands that in order to test audio equipment you need to use many different songs and styles. And one reason that he probably didn't use Mozart or Bach is because he might not like that kind of music and he thought that the average viewer wouldn't like it either. Trust me on this. When you start watching a youtube video that has horrible music, or at least what you consider horrible, you either stop the video or mute it.

He used a song that he though we as viewers would like or at least not have an issue with. Hell, you should be happy that he even did a video series about audio since it opened up a can of worms and has drawn a lot of hate.

TLDR: Don't attack people, you loose an argument before it starts when you do that. He filmed more than he showed us. And finally he used a song that he thought we would all like.

If he really wanted to get into people's heads, he should of played dubstep. I have no idea what I'm talking about.

In Logan's defense, he did say he was here learning. I thought the same thing about playing his music being it's very digital. What his guest/friend was saying in the video does have some merit but also had some points I disagree on. 

I don't think being harsh is productive but rather make your point and calmly debate. 

YouTube uses 128kbs aac v2+ in high eficiancy mode. That's essentially the equivelant of a 192kbs mp3. It also depends on what bitrate and format he used in the upload file. 

That is correct, Furthermore, qualitiy of the base is only relevant to to certain extent, what matters more after that is quality of the music itself. And i think that was the whole point of that video.