Has Anyone Used IPVanish?

Im thinking to start use VPN(IPVanish). Does anyone have use it?its good,how it is your experience with this VPN? service?

(I Dont live in the US)

I would like the same thing. I guess i'll give it a try soon. I let you know about the experience when I've used it for a couple of days.

I have used it in the past. It is the best service that I know of that has servers that are within distance of Australia/New Zealand. Their speeds are decent. Their software is pretty meh, crashes now and then and their customer service is average but they have good privacy policies so I would recommend them

Cheers for the response. I am using PIA right now and the software isn't perfect either so i guess its still worth a try. Have you got any experience with their client in Linux? I am mainly gonna use it on a Ubuntu machine.

I dont have any experience with their client in linux. I just found out that PIA has Australian servers now so I might try them again. One thing to note is PIA is a lot cheaper.

I would recommend using your OS of choice's built in VPN client. I am running Windows 7, 8, OSX, and Linux Arch with Gnome and all of the default clients work much better than PIA's client. The only down side is that you cannot change servers on the fly like you can with the default client. It is easy enough to change the server if you have the addresses though, so it is not much of a concern. Also, setup is confusing the first time, after that you can do it without looking at the guide on PIA's site, regardless of the VPN client you are using.

Im not into Networking stuff (yet).But i will check it.Also IPVanish costs 10$ its not a big deal if i dont like them xD