Has anyone tried moving cable from attic into the garage?

Currently the cable (internet) is coming into my house thru the attic. I’m thinking of moving it into the garage and then pulling cat6 into each room. Currently using Ubiquiti ap’s with some success.

I’d like to move all of my networking and lab gear into the garage but am not really sure if I’m biting off more than I can chew.

I’ve done cat5/6, fiber instillation before but it’s been a long time (my dad ran a college IT dept).

I think I’m more concerned on how to get the cable run down into the garage and am not 100% sure what I"m getting into.

If you have done or attempted this I’d appreciate your thoughts.


I just paid $50 for my ISP do to a new run for me.

There are a lot of factors like how your current setup with all the splitters and such.


Yea let me call spectrum… man if they could do that it would be awesome! Make my life a bit easier

Spectrum is who I had. It’s worth it to me to just have someone run a new RG6 line.

I’ll do my own ethernet though.

Yea makes sense, same here… lemme give spectrum a try :+1: *knock on wood

If spectrum doesn’t pan out…

I’m guessing you probably live in a “stick framed” house and getting up into the attic to drop a piece of RG-6 through a non-insulated wall, or from a ceiling is probably something you could do. Connector wise, it’s easy / dumb / nothing to worry about. You can get the cable and connectors online or at your local hardware hardware store.

If your ISP will do it for you, great!

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