Has anyone touched this junk ( nr-9004a 4bay video recorder )?

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Hi all! This is my first topic so go easy on me, please.
I got myself a NR-9004A as a replacement for my NAS contraption (used to be a Supermicro mobo that kicked the bucket probably from the Corsair PSU (cheapest i could find)).
Unfortunately, the NR-9004A did not come with RAM installed. It takes up to 4 GB but I am not sure which type of RAM. My understanding is that it wants ECC.
It definitely does not want FBDIMM. I tried. Could not sugartalk that notch in the stick into moving a few millimeters towards the center.
It seems it wants 240 pin sticks, but I cannot find out what type (registered, non-registered etc).

Anybody have any idea and can help a guy out? I’ll toss in a virtual beer. Or tea.
Name of the CPU : Intel® EP80579 .

Have a good one!

Hi. It looks like it want’s PC2-5300P ECC DDR2 modules. I have a device like that newly aquired but I have also some issues with. I have the proper RAM. 2GB module, 1GB module and 512MB module. It continuously beeps (long beeps with pause) with all the modules except with the 512MB one. With the 512MB ones it is silent but it still won’t show any sign to boot or …anything for that matter not on the vga port nor on the serial port. And yeah the fan is spinning at full speed. Also storage leg is lit. So it is either a motherboard issue orit is something else i haven’t figured out yet. Anyways the ram is the one above, so good luck… Hope yours will work properly.

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