Has anyone played Recore yet?

anyone play recore on the pc yet?
ive seen the gameplay videos
even like i think it was ign or someone has a 4 hour stream up

correction its the know
its only 40 bucks too......

Read mixed things about the game. It basically rounds out to lots of padding via slow navigation in a large world, some technical issues (I do not know if they are fixed or not), and while the first half of the game is good-great, the last half isn't.

I will patiently wait for this game to go on a sale.

yeah i broke down and just watched a full lets play instead

And how was it? Anything cool the game has to offer or boring to watch?

its got platforming and i like that
but its got some issues
id wait till its like $15

May you please elaborate on said issues my dear demonic fox?

at least all the vids ive watched were on the console version


falling through the world

some cheesy enemies (you get hit pretty much with no defense)

not a good variety of enemies

really repetitive gameplay

Yikes. That is what some of the reviews have said. Serious though, it is 2016 and a game has two minute loading times? How incompetent do you have to be to allow that? What is this: Sonic '06?

keiji inafune was involved...

Oh yeah. Comcept helped developed this game. So they manage to try to have too much on their plate with making Mighty No. 9 and making kickstarters when they haven't sold their first project yet.

i kickstarted might no 9
i had a Mighty love for megaman in the past

Only Megaman games I played were Megaman X, a bit of Megaman 2 (need to finish that game), and Network Transmission. Would like to go and play X2 and X3.

I like your profile background by the way.

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X thru x3 were classic
X4 - x6 were playstation hybrid 3d things
Grab ZsNES and play x 1 2 3
And epsxe for x 4 5 6
pcsx2 for x7 and x8

Thank you,
It changes if u click my name here,
And if you actually clickvagain to go to my profile page
One will be Metroid and the other will be Megaman

I use higan instead for SNES emulation because ZSNES is inaccurate as a muskeet but I get what you mean.

And I also know to stay away from X7

I will say I have listened to the soundtracks of X1-X3 and I really like the ones from X1 and X3. X2 has some I like but wasn't grabbing me as much as the other two.

I've got something for you hang on a second while I find the link

I can wait.

here is the playlist

if youve got surround sound
turn your system on

I got headphones. Does that help?

Is this a remix of all the soundtracks of MMX1-5?

Maverick Rising is the 33rd album published by OverClocked ReMix. It is comprised of music arrangements from the Mega Man X series of games, a series which spans more than 12 years.
The album features 62 tracks by 49 artists in a collection of 5 discs totaling over 4 1/2 hours of ReMixes from nearly every game in the series, including bonus tracks.