Has anyone liquid cooled or found a water for the A6000 gpu yet?

I want to buy an a6000 and water-cool if there is a water block to buy. So I do not have to redo my loop.

I think the cards have actual pcb’s yet

Also they’re quadro cards not gaming cards…

Aside from them not being released yet, if they were you wouldn’t be able to get them because scalpers

A6000 Under Liquid. Gaming and pro level questions answered! : nvidia (reddit.com)

want parts were used, Canberry?

The a6000 is on sale and not by scalpers.
look on bhphotovideo

I’m not sure, it isn’t my build. It’s the only instance I can find of LC A6000 so I thought it could be valuable to look at.

In Comino we are working in developing the A6000 Waterblocks & A40 Also we do have the A100 WCB.
Ping me anytime if you wanna any information.

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