Has anyone had the chance to play with the MSI R9 290 4G yet?

I've just bought one and i was just wondering if anyone has been able to overclock it more than the reference model and what are the results. Thanks

Have you recieved yours? I don't think they've been delivered in many parts of the world yet. Give it a week or two. :)

Personally I'd be interested to hear about how low (RPM) the fans can go when idling.

Im intersted in temps and noise. Im considering the 290x or 780 for maxing out witcher 3 !! or Ill just wait for and see what comes out next before Witcher realease.

Yeah i got mine like a week ago and so far so good. Temps wise ive been getting about 70-80 dependant on which game i run but overall its a decent card. As far as the RPM on the 2 fans go im not sure i haven't checked on that but im guessing around 1500 and about 1000 on idle its really quiet even on 100% haha. These are my results anyways from unigine valley and hardware monitor. PC Score

Thats not too bad. Thx mate