Has anyone done either Steam Streaming or Nvidia Streaming with Emulators?

I am moving out of home in the next few months and I am wondering if anyone has tried any kind of emulation with In home streaming and Emulators.

I will be using a 360 controller for most emulation but for Wii emulation I would like to use a Wiimote.

Here are the emulators I'll probably be using.

N64 = PJ64
Gamecube/Wii = Dolphin
Gameboy = VBA (or similar)

If its not possible, I might just make a more powerful media PC but If I can save money on it I will

I don't think Steam Streaming works particulary great over the Internet, unless you have a synchrone, big connection (100MBit/s or so) on both ends. I don't know how the NVidia-Streaming-thing works over the Internet, but you'll most likely need a juicy connection aswell.
Most of the emulators will work on what ever you're trying to Stream to anyway. GBA emulation works even on my Calculator flawlessly, N64 shouldn't be to hard to do aswell. I don't know how great Dolphin and PCSx scales on lower-end hardware, but leaving your PC on the whole time is a fire hazard anyway!
(Sorry for bad spelling, etc. I'm on a mobile phone & not a native speaker)

I'm looking at "In Home Streaming" so just local Ethernet not the internet :)

Well, them it will work great! With a bit of fiddling, I was even able to stream the whole Windows Desktop!
Pro tip: If you turn down the resolution, streaming works better on emulated gamesm since they usually don't run in your native resolution, and streaming upscaled pixels is stupid, your streaming client can do this as well :D

Embedding them in steam should be easy enough, just click "Add Game" -> "Add a non-Steam Game", and add whatever game/emulator you want. Streaming should work fine(At least it did with my Tablet& the explorer.exe on Windows, after killing it using task manager).

You could just add the games into the stream library and attempt it, I got WoW to stream to my tablet at one point, though it never wanted to work again after.