Has anyone been able to use AER to evaluate PCIe error rates?

I got a new PCIe 4.0 riser made by LINKUP. I’ve read lots of information on the web with people reporting reduced performance in games and benchmarks and it is very likely to be due to an increase in signal degradation by using a riser on 4.0.

This made me quite wary, but I already had the riser on my desk by this time so I’ve got it installed now and I unfortunately did not make great records of my previous benchmark numbers.

What I have so far is the PCI Express feature test yielded 26.14 GB/s which looks within error of reported results online (which i can only assume are made with GPU direct plugged).

I was hoping that there’s a way to just get a stream of errors from linux maybe, and then that would be a nice way to evaluate the quality of the link. I reckon one of these days when I’m feeling particularly bored I will also do a direct plug test, but it’s really not going to be enjoyable to do that given the design of my SFF case: I’m struggling to imagine how to board could even come out of it without a complete teardown… (AIO pump OFF as well)

I do have a motherboard coming in (B550 → X570) so i guess I will have to try to take advantage of that opportunity and set it up as a benchtop first.

(5950X & ASUS 3080 TUF)

AER: 8. The PCI Express Advanced Error Reporting Driver Guide HOWTO — The Linux Kernel documentation

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