Hardware Soundboard

I'm about to pull my hair out.


I've been searching all over the internet like crazy, I'm trying to build a soundboard that i can fire through my microphone so i can play sound files in TS and in game like DayZ, for example I have a really great pack of gun shot sound fx and i'd love to bind that to a pad on a Pad Controller so I could mess with people in DayZ, bandit style, or do it to my buddies in ts to troll them while they play DayZ.

Course this has loads of other applications but it's essentially like those laugh tracks that radio shows use, but I can NOT find ANY info on it.

if any of you guys can help me out even if it's just a heading I will love you for ever thank you.

Couldn't you just use something like virtual audio cable? you set both your microphone and a soundboard app to play to line 1 and then set whatever voip program you are using to use line 1 as the mic.

The free version would be quite obvious if you're using it for pranks, but I think the payed version would still be cheaper than a hardware sound board.


How will I be able to fire off those commands while i'm in DayZ though. I can't even use the audio controls for iTunes while I play, that would be the reason for the physical soundboard.