Hardware Review - HTC Desire C (Android 4.0.3)

Ok so going into hardware today, more so on Phones as i know a bit about them...

HTC Desire C is a low end Android smartphone, it runs on last years OS version 4.0.3 Icecream Sandwich also includes HTC Beats Media player as standard it would seem with HTC now but does not include the Beats headphones.


Under the Hood..

So the phone runs on a 600Mhz Qualcomm Snapdragon (Single Core) 512MB and 4GB Internal Storage, the SD can be pushed upto 32GB, the battery is 1230mAh battery as standard.

The Camera is a 5MP  2592 x 1944 pixel camera and for the 5MP the image quality is not the worst i have ever seen.

Operating System

The speed of the phone is a tad slow due to it running ICS but i would rather have ICS and be a tad slow than 2.3 and bit faster i presume if the device gets Cyanogenmod 9/10 or a Stock tweak it will speed up. 

The interface is standard android, you have notification bar, your launcher and widgets etc, also it has ICS multi task view where you can see all the recently opened apps, and with a swipe they can be closed same for notification bar, swipe stuff like messages if you dont want the notification, constantly running apps cannot be swiped tho (Nofication preview) 

The camera is also standard HTC affair looking the same as HTC One series maybe not as in depth as the One series or as powerful (havent tested one series) but the image quality is still there, it takes photos in a decent quality and looks good while doing it.

It also runs HTC Sense 4.0 interface all over the device.


How does it look?

Dam nice for a small phone.

The edges are sleak and smooth its in a sort of plastic back which feels nice for plastic, the front has 3 touch buttons at the bottom identical to the One Series, one for back, one for home and final one for multi view and settings all very very responsive.

On the back there is the camera as detailed above, the speaker and the phone speaker for calling., no flash on here or mirror.

on the right side there is the volume rocker and thats it

to the left is the USB port for charging and Data mounting.

top is a standard 3.5MM headphone jack and the wake button. The wake button is the only way to actually make the phone wake up on this device.

at the bottom is a noise cancellation mic.


Other things

This device does not feature 4G LTE or any other newer gen networking speeds, i have not tested this as it is not in my contract to use the data and i dont want to be charged, but i expect it is standard 3G+ speeds (slow...)

It supports Wifi as all androids do (Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot)

Bluetooth v4 is also in use here as well as VPN and portable hotspot/teathering abilities to share your network to other devices. it also shows how much you have used as standard which is rather good for limited data users.

the lockscreen is used rather well, as it allows instant access to recent message, lockscreen music player and quick select icons which can be toggled in the settings.


Nice device here, i pay £10.50 p/m for this device on o2 (England network) unlocked over here its around £200 which is a nice asking price for this phone.

I shall also link the GSM arena page for this if you need more details.

I give this device a good 8.5/10...

GSM Link http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_desire_c-4759.php

I follow Android quite a bit. But I never heard of this phone. But I realise after you posted how much money it is a month that your not here in the United States. For me I'm all about specs when it comes to the phones. The hardware it has is very little. But for alot of people that don't want to spend a good deal of money on a super smartphone (i.e. Galaxy S3, Optimus 4X HD, One X) it will be alright for you. I'm honestly surprised you hae Sense 4.0 and Ice Cream Sandwich on it. I own a Motorola Droid RAZR and I got Android 4.0.4 and its a little slow to be honest with you. But I got a 1.2Ghz Dual Core TI OMAP4 CPU and 1GB of low power DDR2 RAM and 16GB internal storage with a 32GB memory card installed.

After the tldr, I saw a video on how to get Android phones to read 64GB MicroSD cards. I haven't tested it out yet, the cards are rather expensive. 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB are all considered SDHC cards. 64GB is considered SDXC cards in case you wanted to get one and wanted to use the filter. If I get one of these cards I'll test it out and share how I got it to work.

Id enjoy on how to hear how the 64 SD works, and tbh im a very power hungry user, so much i got my X10 to work with Shadowrun using ChainFire 3D Pro Feralab ROMS DoomKernel Max OC 1.2Ghz and tbh it smashes most phones of its time, i dont pay attention to quadrant i dont care for boasting, but i was kinda supprized also about android 4 and sense 4 but it runs well, and for texting a lot, music and taking quick snaps its dam good for price so if u want a cheap backup droid get this of the Xperia U