Hardware recommendations for Editing/Gaming Build

Hey, I'm looking to get serious with VFX and compositing and am thinking of building a new PC with adequate power for the task. 
What I will be doing with the machine is Working in After Effects and Nuke with heavy compositing, I would like to have quick preview render times eg. scrub through the timeline almost seamlessly, and also dip into 3D rendering in 3DS Max and C4D.

I also when not working would like it to be able to play games on the highest settings with about 40 fps+ for the intensive ones, I will be running a dual monitor setup both at 1080p but will only be using one for gaming.

Budget for the build would be about $2k ($AU), i would not be willing to spend much more. 

Thanks for the help guys, Stepping in to the workstation area of PC's is something I'm not too familiar with as I beforehand only went with specs good for gaming. 

cheers, -Alex

Hey there mate! fellow aussie here (Western Sydney, NSW).

Here's a little setup I put together for ya which is an Intel 2011 socket CPU that has a nice AIO LC unit with it, it's a little over your budget, but not by far, hope you like it!


Thanks allot buddy, i'll keep it bookmarked as i look around/ get different configurations recommended :) 
I liked the one that was featured on the Tek with the Dual Xeon, of course that's a bit out of my budget but we'll see what happens

option 1 socket 1150: http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/1JVOd

i think this setup will do the job, i choosed for a intel i7-4770K with a GTX770 4GB card for all your work,seems like the software you using for your work realy likes cuda cores. maybe you would also be fine with a 2GB version of the card, but i decide to go with the 4GB version  because you run dual monitor setup,and you do some heavy 3D stuff, and in my opinnion the extra vram can come handy with that. If the software you using also could use open CL for your after effects and stuf, then i would recommend a AMD 7970.

option 2 socket 2011: http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/1JVTz

grtz Angel ☺

That dual Xeon setup was pretty damn nice! Would love to see them CPUs overclocked with some insane custom loop water cooling :P

You're welcome and good luck with the rig mate! :)

yeah thanks for the build, pretty sure Logan said AE doesn't work with Open CL so i'll definitely be going with Nvidia (Either a 770 or 780).
As for the processor I know Intels i7 4770k works well for gaming but as for editing/rendering there might be alternatives such as the Xeon or the i7 4820k which in benchmarks does as well as my current fx 8350 for gaming, anyways i'll keep the vram in mind for rendering :) 


yeah thats why i made the second option 4820K. if you can afford a GTX780 that would offcourse be better. socket 2011 had some bennefits like more pci-e 3.0 lanes, and also quad memory controller, thats why i putted in 4x4 GB sticks, to take the advanice of the quad channel memory controler.