Hardware pictures that make you cringe

Post any picture of hardware that make you cringe.

Inspired by this album: http://imgur.com/a/mAdOU

Disadssebmled my fathers ten year old dell since he recently built himself a gaming rig. 

The computer had two fans. A 60mm on on the CPU cooler and a 80mm exaust. Too give it enough air he had too take of the side panel and leave it open. So everything was dusty as fuck. The whole thing looked like it was covered in grey cotton candy.

Don't even get me started on the cables. There was a ribbon cabble that was about a meter too long. 

In hindsight i should have taken a few pics tho.. I did however keep the pentium 4 as a trophy. I threw away everything but the fans, they where the only components that werent out dated.. 

I gave them a light brush, but i will have to pick up some compressed air to get rid of the rest :/ 




(And I get stick here for being a Apple fanboi!) 

Most recently?




All of that gorgeous copper work, in a Case Labs, no less.

What a shame.

my quadro perhaps