Hardware phone with ability to connect to Skype for Business AND alternate SIP service *concurrently*

Hi, our company is moving away from the Avaya based hardware phones with built-in VPN client, and is basically trying to avoid talking about it with minions like myself.

I would like to get myself a networked phone that I can log into Skype for Business, be it O365 or not, but, if I end up moving companies, if there is a way to have a SIP line or lines, that would be a good/better way of future proofing.

I messed with the idea of using Asterisk or similar, but never got around to it. Key points I'm looking for:

  • Ability to have SIP
  • Ability to use skype for business/O365 without having to use a USB connection to my laptop (I saw some phones that have the ability to be connected to a laptop as well with USB, most likely it will show up as a device that you can switch to/from the pc for audio, which is cool, but is must be optional).
  • Bonus feature, if there is a way to have this connected to regular (personal) skype as well, awesome.

This would be a phone that I'd want to connect to my 100Mbit POE.

Video conferencing, honestly, is optional. I can use my laptop for that.

Anyone have experience with a similar setup? If so, please drop me some links for reviews/specs and share your experience. I've been wanting to get into VOIP properly for years and as other options are disappearing slowly, I would love to hear more.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give me!