Hardware hacks

Can I hack my phone, which was made by a company with a certain fruit for a logo *cough-apple-cough*,  to run android, just to piss said company off?

No. Is that honestly a question? 

You should research before answering. Yes, yes you can. It's buggy as hell, though, last I checked.


Where did you get that from, you can run windows 98 on it...

I have personaly run windows 95, vista (Very poorly) and 3.10 on an ipod 4th gen. Android is a pain in the ass though and not worth trying, If its an unlocked iphone 4 or later, just sell it and buy a new dual core android, Or spend a little more and get something like a galaxy s3. There is still a huge demand for iphones and so you can sell a used iphone and get a significantly more powerful android phone for the same price of less.

As far as I know, you can make it look like android, but it will run iOS apps.. but I really can't know, I don't own an iPhone..