Hardware for streaming

I figure this would be a question for Logan or Pistol considering you both have streaming experience.

What hardware matters when it comes to streaming and video editing?

Cores?  Currently set on the 4820k when it comes out.

Will more than 16 gigs of ram and/or faster than 1600mhz ram make a substantial difference?

Are capture cards necessary?

Lastly, are DL/UL speeds of 55mbit/sec and 11mbit/sec sufficient for 1080p streaming?

What about recording for YouTube?


Thanks for everything.


I've never done any super serious streaming, but using the computer listed in my profile with an up/download of 1.5/12 I was able to stream WoW on ultra at around 30 fps at 1080p pretty decently.

But that is WoW.

So are capture cards a hardware encoder so that your cpu doesnt have to handle the encoding?



Pretty much that.