Hardware choices for OS-development focused workstation

Hey guys, I’m skymage23. I’m new to this board and this forum in general, but I have been following Level1Techs for some time. Today, I want to hear your opinions. What hardware would you choose for a remotely accessed workstation geared towards OS development? Keep in mind that such involves a lot of highly independent, parallelizable C/C++/Rust/Go compilation, which, to me, is a strange beast in terms of how to optimize it. It hits every part of the computer except the GPU, so any improvement you can think of (SSD latency/size, CPU core count, CPU single thread performance, RAM speed) will improve the performance.

The build I have in mind at the moment is:
Motherboard: ASUS Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE (gloriously big VRM heatsink and a BMC)

CPU: Threadripper Pro 5955WX
RAM: 64 GB of Kingston Hyper-X Fury DDR4
Heatsink: Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3
—Good cooling is important to me, especially because I recently had another computer start overheating.
GPU: AMD Radeon 6600XT ( I game a little)
SSD1: Samsong 970 Pro 500GB (boot drive)
SSD2: Intel Optane 906p (Codebase storage and build systems and SDKs host drive).
PSU: Corsair RM1000X (1000 Watt PSU, 80 plus Platinum)
Case fans: 3 120mm Cooler Master fans (reusing old stock).
1 120mm Corsair fan (reusing old stock).

Operating System: Either RHEL 9 or Ubuntu (haven’t decided).

I will be reusing an older EATX case of mine.

For my wants, this machine needs to hold for 24/7 runtime, possibly firing on all cores for 2- 4 hours, but as for needs, I do need out-of-band management.

Given all this, what would you change? What should be better, or, where can one save a buck on a machine like this?

I’ll jump in and state the obvious, why not an AM4 5950X system? You didn’t spec registered ECC, so you’re not using that. You don’t seem to be using the PCIe lanes. I’m not sure you can even buy the 5955WX, it’s listed as OEM only. I think you’d save a ton going AM4.

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Mainly because of the need of a BMC. It, at least to me, seems to be hard to find any motherboards for Ryzen platforms with a BMC.

Edit: Hard to find any where the size of the VRM heatsink is not so small that it scares me to leave the machine unattended.

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OK, but you can’t game over IPMI, so what’s your plan there? If you can do your work over SSH, the need for a BMC seems minor.

I’m paranoid. My life is what you may call passively chaotic. While I can stay in one place for several hours, I also have to be ready to leave at any time for another place where my presence is needed, but I still have some time for my work. I won’t be gaming over IPMI, of course. I just want to be ready to be able to boot the system into an ISO, tweak fans, memory profiles, or even rescue a non-working system remotely at any time.

Finally, a laptop won’t work because these builds can take at least an hour, and, again, I have to be ready to leave at any time.

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Fair enough sir, I said my piece and you have your reasons.

I personally have an ASUS Pro WS X570-ACE that’s an AM4 allegedly with IPMI. I’m not sure how to make it work though. Might be an alternative if someone can help me figure it out.

If i may help you out, there is a relevant thread on this forum: remote-management-on-the-asus-pro-ws-x570-ace-under-linux.

Apparently, I’m not allowed to post links, or I would have done that.

Anyway, bad news. It looks like that MB doesn’t actually have a full BMC, relies on ASUS software to work, requires a server on the same network, and, as far as I can tell, needs either a free, Windows-only client, or a paid Linux-capable client to work.


That was about the conclusion I had already reached myself, but I hadn’t fully ruled out that I was doing something silly. It was a “nice to have” for me, not a requirement. C’est la vie.

EDIT: I made the purchase, although I had to go with a 5965WX since GeorgePatches was right about the 5955WX.