Hardon hydro PSU

i would like to know whether or not the hardon hydro's psu is good, i know it is gold certified, but are the capasitors Chinese or Japanese?  i'm a chinese myself, and i think most chinese would agree not to trust on china made stuff.

so.... is the PSU good?

i acctually not planning to buy the included kit, but to assemble the parts myself, so....

i want to put a MPC 655 in it, you think it has the clearance and power to do so? (if i am overclocking the 780ti which i'm gonna put in)


It should be good, but I would hazard a guess that when pushed load wise the psu will be bloody loud. That little fan will scream like a banshee and would ruin any silence watercooling offers.

The included psu would be either FSP, HEC or superflower I would say just going by previous units etc. Japanese caps would be my guess. For the price of the case they had better use them anyways.

Have you considered the EVGA hadron hydro wc kit? >review<

You can fit a d5 pump along with a tiny res. Its gonna be tight. I assume you'll be having a wc block on the cpu as well. If so then cooling both that and a 780ti (plus being oc'd) the 240 rad in the roof is going to have a hard time. There are better small format watercooling cases - prodigy, phenom, 250d & a few others.

The psu in the hadron hrydro will be sufficent for any single gpu with water cooling. Its not recxommended to change the psu in it