Hard Shutdown on ASUS C8H X570 after 5 Minutes of mprime stress testing

So, this week I’ve been putting together my new Zen 2/X570 system, which has been mostly trouble free except for one issue - just curious if anyone else has experienced this or anything like it - just trying to see if this is a problem specific to my hardware, while I’m in my return window, or if this is maybe a board design/BIOS problem.

I am using a 3700X on an ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi (latest 0702 BIOS) with 4 sticks of 16GB Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 3200CL16 (BLS4K16G4D32AESB - Micron E-Die).

I noticed an intermittent hard shutdown (the entire board loses power) when running mprime blend - about 10-20min even at OOTB 2400MHz stock memory speeds, and I can reliably trigger it at about the 5 minute mark running at 3200MHz. This seems to only happen in mprime blend so far, although I haven’t done a memtest86+ test. So far I’ve ruled out temperatures (at shut off the RAM and the board area is only about 40-44C) and adding a fan directly on the RAM doesn’t seem to help - I have a 360mm rad on the CPU (running completely stock) as well, which also stays at around 45C during the test). When I only use 2 sticks of RAM (any 2, in any combination of A1/B1, A2/B2 slots) then everything is hunky dory. I’ve been using my system for a few days and haven’t noticed this issue popping up except in mprime (plenty of compiling stuff, running VR in Win10).

There is a limited number of 64GB kits validated on Asus’s QVL - and while the Crucial kit is on there, it’s only for 2 sticks. It looks like they verified a bunch of older B-Die stuff (eg, the QVL specifically is v4.31 of the 3200CL16), but I did find a reasonably priced kit of the HyperX Predator 3200CL16 HX432C16PB3AK4/64 on Amazon so I’ve given that an order so I’ll follow up on this thread in a few days, but even with (actually) bad RAM, I haven’t ever experienced hard shutdown errors like this (there is nothing in the logs looking at dmesg/journalctl preceding the crashes, it just turns off), so just curious if anyone’s experienced anything similar w/ 4 sticks of RAM?

So, as a followup to my problem, while Asus support did send a followup email today requesting more information and the QVL RAM kit is still on its way (which I’ll probably try out just since I got it, but is $400 v $320, so I’ll probably send it back if it doesn’t give any benefit), it looks like I was able to find a solution via a comment in Buildzoid’s recent Ryzen 3000 RAM OC video.

Someone running the exact same 4x16 E-Die setup was also getting hard shutdowns (only w/ all 4 sticks, not with any individual stick) and figured out this was due to ASUS’s BIOS configuration. When set to the DRAM Current Capability is set to the default 100%, it simply doesn’t supply enough current when all 4 sticks of RAM are in use. Once I increased this setting to the max 130%, running mprime blend (for 30m+ so far) appears to no longer cause shutdowns.

Hopefully this is searchable enough to help anyone else who encounters problems with hard shutdowns and running 4 sticks of memory on an ASUS X570 motherboard in the future.