Hard Manly Blues. Need some!

Hey guys!!!))
Just here to ask if you happen to know anyone who does GOOOD awesome hard ass blues such as:
Bryce Fox – Horns
Dorothy – Gun In My Hand
DOROTHY – Raise Hell
The Black Strobe – I am A Man
Elbow - Grounds For Divorce

Sooooo I want this, hard bass, good instruments, deep|strong voice kinda music. If anyone know artists, songs, Please let me know!)
Gotta work on my MTB and want to listen to such tunes)

Peace out)

Look up the Sons of Anarchy soundtracks, IIRC there were quite a few songs on those that really did match the style of those examples you brought up.
A YouTube search for "sons of anarchy soundtrack" should put you on the right path. There should be a couple of playlists.

As for other hard blues, all I can come up with right away is Social Distortion's "Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes" album, but that's leaning more towards punk so I doubt you'll like it. Certainly won't have enough bass.

EDIT : Actually ... "Raise Hell" somehow reminds me of The Pretty Reckless' "Heaven Knowns" and "My Medicine". TPR is generally considered to be hardrock/post-grunge though, not blues.

The hardest, manliest blues player I know of is named Susan.
Susan Tedeschi - Just Won't Burn (Full Album)

Thanks! Well, yeah, post grunge, and such that. I totally forgot about "my medecine" Amazing song!!)) Thanks!)

Death on Two Wheels. Both their albums are the pinnacle of riding anything on two wheels. You are welcome.
Death on Two Wheels - Calling Us All Back Home

If you have not heard of Joe Bonamassa, shame on you. One of the all time greats, and just came out with an album last month. One of my all time favorites of his, and the single song I use to test any new set of headphones or speakers, is:
Joe Bonamassa - Reconsider Baby
It has a slow build up, but damn if that guitar and bass just doesn't make you sway, especially once it gets to him singing.