Hard drives showing up as SSD in ccleaner

Trying to wipe some drives i want 2 get rid of but CCleaner keeps stopping me from doing complex wipes because the hard drives are showing up as SSDs. Any thoughts on resolving this?

Seems to be a design choice they've made but maybe the detection can be improved in a later version. There are other utilities anyhow. Windows has one built in that does three passes, which is plenty for any mechanical drive. It's a command line tool though, but if for instance you want to wipe the free space on drive D:\ then the line is like follows.

cipher /w:d:\

It's safe to use as it can only wipe free space. To clean a drive, make it one big formatted partition. Then use cipher on it. The operation will take a few hours on most drives.

On the other hand if CCleaner does it right then even a single pass is good enough on a mechanical drive. You could simply run it twice if you like. The programs limitation is a mistake, as if any drive needs to run several passes to be wiped today it's SSD's and not mechanicals.