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Hard Drives for new PC

Building a new PC and looking for good 8 TB hard drive recommendations.
This HGST drive for $169 looks pretty good.

Planning to run 2 in mirror mode for data backup.

I’d be careful of hard drives (especially HGST/Hitachi) from third party sellers. There have been people that have received drives that are either 1. old and out of warranty, 2. very well used, or 3. both.

HGST isn’t actually a thing anymore either, WD killed off the brand last year, so anything HGST is most likely at least one year old already. Even the Ultrastars have been absorbed into WD.

Anyways, WD Reds seem to be relatively well liked and are usually decently priced. Check out Western Digital’s website, their own store will have sales and/or coupons from time to time that make it cheaper them cheaper than other retailers.

Toshiba N300 and X300 seem to get decent reviews too. I’ve never used them myself, but I also hardly use spinning rust anymore anyways.

RAID is not a backup by the way :wink:

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Thanks for the heads up on the third party resellers. I have been looking through the backblaze hard drive reliability chart to find something reasonable to get for my drives.

Here is a Western Digital Red 8TB for 214.99

Seems to be in my ballpark.

I believe if you sign up for the WD newsletter they throw you a 10% coupon for their store. I don’t know if that one stacks with the current sale, but my student discount does so it may be worth a try if you decide to go with Reds.

This exact thing happened to me and they even falsified the S.M.A.R.T data to make it look new when it really had 32385+ hours on time.

I signed up for the news letter and got the 10% off coupon. WD reds are looking real good.

I am very glad I posted in here before pulling the trigger on the drives. Thanks for the info.

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The drives are $193 with the coupon code… nice. Looks like I am getting the 8TB WD reds. Thanks guys!

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