Hard Drive troubles

My computer is shutting itself off because of my hard drive ( or at least that's what I assume and windows says it is my hard drive ). I already went through Windows to fix it, it told me to restart the computer and the hard drive will fix itself during the restart but it still turns off after doing all that. Please help gladly appreciate.



AMD A-10 5800k

Corsair Vengeance LP Memory

Radeon HD6670

Western Digital Caviar Blue 500gb 

ASUS F2A55-M LK motherboard

Coolmax 750 watt PSU


Windows 7

you could try disconnecting the hdd and running a linux live cd/flash drive to see if it is really the hdd.

How long have you had the HDD, and have you scanned it for errors? 

Yes I have scanned it multiple times.