Hard Drive Trouble

A the moment I'm running a AMD A10 5800k crossfired with a ASUS HD Radeon 6670 and the fps on my game is amazing only the  downside is when i start up the game (Loading in) I load in 3 times slower than my old HP Pavillion HDD, sometimes it stops loading and exits into lobby which is a very noticable difference I have no idea whats causing this because I checked the Speccs of the Seagate HDD and its the same as the old one except its 1tb instead of 750 and load in time for games generally have to do with HDD and SSDs etc because the games are sotred on them... Would I have to get a new HDD or get a SSD Please help ;-;

well making sure that the seagate is plugged into a 6gb/s port is a good start. Multi tasking from a mechanical drive can easily decrease the performance of your PC. It is also going to be worth checking around for any drivers that you might be missing, otherwise you can try getting an external drive to store and play your games from. 

I wouldnt suggest getting an ssd for games unless you have the cash to spare because although they are fast, you dont get quite enough storage to store all your games.An external seagate only costs around $90 for 1tb depending on where you look.