Hard Drive making crackling sound?

Hey guys, for a couple months or so my Hard Drive has been making a weird crackling noise.

Usually on start up or when accessing files on that disk, sometimes just when idling as well.

It's not too loud but it is annoying, it sounds like little crackles like the disk is reading/writing. 

I believe the disk making the noise is my 1.5 TB storage drive, Do you guys think its a big deal or just something normal? 

I could record some audio but I wouldn't know where to upload/show you.


Thanks for any help.

I have an old 300GB Western Digital external hard drive that does that, its normal I guess as long as everything works.

That baby is going to die relatively soon. If you ever move a lot of data at once it'll probably bite the dust. That happened with my western digital external 1.5 TB hard drive. (it's a WD Green inside if that helps). I was in the process of backing up my laptop on day, the crackling got louder and louder and then all of a sudden stopped. No matter where I plug it in now it doesn't register at all with the computer. I'd be wary of that thing if I were you.

is it a seagate baracuda ?