Hard Drive Issues!

Hello Community. Today I address you with a problem that has bothered for about a year now. I have gotten to a breaking point! First of all let me start by telling you I have two hard drives. One a 320gb that i salvaged from an old desktop and another is a 500gb that I bought with all my other computer parts for my build. The reason I salvaged the 320 is because it has vista on it. I didn't have the money to buy windows 7 at the time of my build so I bit the bullet and have been dealing with this mess they call vista for about a year. I still don't have the money for 7 because I have procrastinated the upgrade by getting a new gpu. Ever since the build my computer wont recognize any hard drives as their full size. It tells me they are 142 gb and wont let me fill them up past that. As you can tell I am about to go insane because I can't deal with this issue any longer. Please help me fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

raid setup? or maybe motherboard limitations? by how your post reads the drives could be past there prime.

also you typed that you pulled these HDDs from other computers have you formatted any of them to see if that fixes the drive sizing? check in the HDD manager to see how they are partitioned ...

This will be a pain but i had a problem like this. I can't remember exactly what i did but this is the essential: Go to drive manager and delete all the partitions which will then make the drive invisible then have it search for a new drive and format it. 

I would say that the question of how to fix your hard drive problem has been answered. But add me on skype or email me and I can tell you some places to get windows 7 cheap online or if you choose you can buy it from me I have been selling it for a few months now maybe even a year.



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Also if this is not allowed here I am sorry please delete this.

it's fine. you're not offering to pirate it for him, so it's all good.

Yes everything I will show him will be legal and genuine it is his choice if he wants to come to me. I am not looking to make a profit from this sale just to help him out. 

thanks guys. the problem is if I format the drives I lose my os with no install disc to re install. ill email you :)

you can use parted magic to re sizes the drives back to normal...with no data loss.