Hard Drive Failure Help! Wendell!

I have a segate portable Hard Drive that has failed due to being dropped. It is under warranty but it was used as a back up for all of my wifes pictures of our kids for the last full year. What can I do to save the files on the hard drive thats not going to cost thousands of dollars... Can you PLEASE HELP 



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Your only hope is to connect it directly to a pc through sata and hope the drive detects,


If it doesn't, then im sorry.   seagate has recovery services but-- $$$$$$$$

How severe was the drop?

If it's clicking, and doesn't show up, I'm afraid that there wont be much good news for you.

does it spin? that's the first thing you should determine. if no, nothing you can do unless you're a wizard or can find a wizard to do some fixing for you. wizards are pretty elusive these days unfortunately. hope it works out though. :)

I know some folks that work at this lab, they have done many recoveries for friends of friends and such. They've always treated everyone I've sent to them well. Average recover cost, though, is about $1k. Best advice is DONT MESS WITH IT. You can maybe take it a part so you can plug it in directly to SATA and you may be able to use linux to copy the files. But if the files are super important, gillware is your best option:


I always thought the pricing was fair, and they're extremely accomodating. No fee if they don't get your stuff back.


If you hear clicking you should still be able to recover it. But not with the tools you have.

If it doesn't spin you can still recover it. Data is persistent it's extremely hard to destroy.

You could go looking for data recovery services.

There is two types of hard drive failures. Logical and Mechanical.

The only sound its making is a beeping noise. Ive tried plugging it in directly to sata with no luck.I really didnt want to spend 1k but the pictures are priceless....

It sucks dude but you haven't many options.