Happy Sysadmin Day!

@SgtAwesomesauce @wendell @thro @Ruffalo and anyone else! HAPPY SYSADMIN DAY.

Eat that donut (EAT IT), drink that coffee (DRINK), neglect that alert (NOOOOO), and tell that system crashing update:


Enjoy your day, everyone.


owao maybe I’ll get a raise


“can you work all weekend,?”




Just an incompetent programmer moving through the network.

Hey, that looks like a fun thing to touch. Shiny

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Here’s to those who haven’t codified your infrastructure or moved to devops, congratulations on not being automated for another year :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t get me started on frickin’ devops, we keep hiring ops managers who’re enamored with CI and all that jazz, but they can’t seem to get any actual work done, applications not properly monitored, letting alerts sit around, all while they sloppily jenkins each other off. Driving me up the wall. I tell the recruiters to imagine an angrier R. Lee Ermey from Full Metal Jacket, I want ops to be like the north korean military, you step out of line and they shoot you with anti-aircraft artillery and feed your tattered remains to the peasants. If I see one more agile black belt motherfucker with a plaid bowtie and ironic facial hair show up for an interview I’m going apeshit.


Hides Title of DevOps Engineer

Yeah, screw those guys! A-ha… Idiots! What do they know? Damn Jenkis. Travis-CI is better! Java sucks!

Isn’t it, uh, Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt?

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Devops has its place, we have a SRE group and it works fine there working on scaling and tools. Just not in core ops where the only things I truly care about are

  1. zero outages
  2. there is no #2

Problem is devops is so popular that it’s hard to find real hardcore ops managers these days. Everybody wants to treat infrastructure like an application or whatever, all the latest 2018 buzzwords. They talk about working in agile sprints (for OPS?!) when what I want them to do is make 100% goddamn sure the disks don’t fill up and take the app down. And that all sounds cool and fresh and keen, on fleek or whatever, but none of them have the ability to actually do it. It’s exasperating.

I would say something but I’m still on call till the morning. I don’t want to wake the gods.


Just a quiet morning drinking my coffee and reading the forums. Now if only Webroot would quit breaking Sharepoint that would be great…

DevOps is phenomenal. Chasing buzzword compliance is a disaster.

Too many people confuse correlation with causation. DevOps practices emerge when good engineering principles are enforced for every commit. Attempting to shoehorn an existing infrastructure into a DevOps workflow is a Very Bad Idea™.

Aaahhhh. I’ve got about 6 more hours on the clock, so I’m definitely not saying anything.

Thanks @anon79053375! :smile:

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JIRA tickets have been pretty slow today :+1:

Jk, happy day and thanks for all the shit you deal with from filthy casuals :call_me_hand::metal:

Sysadmins, thank you for all you do.


I think I need to inform the c levels of this day so they stop screwing us… Lol never going to happen

You ass. Now I’ve got 20 tickets…

This is why you make sure to take holidays when things are likely to break and don’t plan to go anywhere so you get called back in.


More seriously, a lazy sysadmin who looks like he’s doing nothing is often the sysadmin you want. If shit is on fire constantly, then something is seriously wrong.

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