"handcrafted passwords" for sale

Okay, maybe this is not "news" by definition. It was just a WTF I wanted to share. In short: Company offers "handcrafted" passwords...



I'm pretty sure it's all a joke


Hahaha! Artisanal passwords! ^o^

Anyone willing to buy one to see if it is?

Not a U.S. citizen. Postal charges wouldn't be worth the fun.

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Once you receive your password, try typing it. Type it again. And again. Type it a dozen times. You may notice the fluid dance of your fingers on the keyboard first, or you may hear the gentle musical patter of your fingertips on the keys.

feels tempting, wish they made hand crafted keyboards for that optimal experience matching the password...

I almost feel like ordering one.

OMG have not had such a good laugh in a long time ... almost fell form my chair.

"hand-crafted to your specifications by expert password scribes in the beautiful green mountains of Vermont."


I'd be willing to reimburse someone who wants to try if they donate it to teksyndicate. Maybe we should ask the guys directly, so we wouldn't have to re-mail it...

Read this like an hour ago, still laughing about it. Probably ordering one today.

Oh it seems like it's news. $8.00 a password. It's a product for sale.

The guy also claims he is a pirate. I highly doubt he sails stolen ships across the Caribbean...but in this case passwords up to 32 characters in length with your purchase name attached (and email by the way).

People will buy anything...and he is just waiting for people to buy. Seems he has been doing it for 2 years now since 2013.

It's pretty pathetic actually...and true. There was a guy a couple years ago selling "artisan pencils" for $30. All it was was a No2 pencil sharpened by hand and looked at with a magnifying glass for a couple seconds. You strap the word "artisan" to anything and you can charge saps for a product.

I just hope this guy is just doing this as a joke and isn't trying to do harm....

Well, if he's trying to scam, he would be pretty stupid to post photos of his own kid and wife and then try to rip off people. But you're right, it was my first thought too.

Is this the artisan pencil guy ? If so, he is a humorist and cultural critic whose career has moved between various disciplines according to wikipedia. But the pencil sharpening offer seems to be ..... some what real... if incase someone has some money he utterly wants to throw away.

He has a book at amazon, about pencil sharpening...

"You may think that sharpening a pencil is easy, but David Rees makes it look hard, and that makes all the difference."

he even made some interesting programs:

Nope, different guy but maybe same idea

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maybe he was inspired by the original troll

im trying to work out what he is actually selling?

is it just a password generated in a password generator? then that is just stupid

if it was a fancy password, engraved on a piece of vermont timber, then it would be still stupid, but funny, in a stupid way