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Halo Online Mod El Dewrito 0.6 to launch on Friday! (4/20)


For those who haven’t heard yet there is a free to play mod for Halo Online. It’s built on an engine similar to the one used for Halo 3 and heavily optimized (seriously you could probably power a PC off a potato and play it). The devs have put a ton of effort into this release and I’m sure player numbers will be up for Friday. So if you feel like a good throwback to the days of Halo 3, download it and get ready for some action!


im quite interested, but did they jump thought enough hoops to get around takedowns from microsoft/bungie


Neat. I might give this a go. Sadly some people might not even be able to see straight that day though XD


The game has been around for quite a while, this is just a big update. I’m pretty sure Microsoft even publicly acknowledged its existence at one point, so here’s hoping it stays up.