Halo 4

I thought I would start a new topic here under the consoles forum to see if anyone else in the community is as excited about Halo 4 as I am. Now I know many of you are die-hard pc gamers, but seeing as how Halo 4 will most likely be exclusively on the Xbox 360, I figure maybe some of you might be interested in it. I've been a huge fan of the series since its first debut on the original Xbox console, and after seeing gameplay footage and hearing about the webseries that will be leading up to the game release (a live action series if you haven't seen or heard about it) I am incredibly excited for it. 

I'm sceptical. It seems like the game just gets worse every time they come out with a new one. The change in story should be refreshing though. It seems like they're trying to make the multi player more like call of duty though. 

I have to agree with you on the multiplayer comment. Which is somewhat disheartening really but i suppose they still have to appeal to the masses. But to me the storyline is what i personally am looking forward to. Plus, since its a new studio, that could give the game a "fresh start" in terms of storyline content and small things that really matter like dialogue. 

if anything get it for grifball


I was a huge fan of Halo 1 and Halo 2. I think Halo 1 had the best campaign and it's strength was in it's simplicity. To me, Halo 2 had the best multiplayer of the series. Many of you may not know, but Halo 2 had a huge modding communitity on the original Xbox console. It was even bigger than a lot of PC modding communities. People would mod their Xbox, install H2 to the hard drive, use custom modding applications developed by community members to mod maps, Photoshop to skin textures, create their own custom models, etc. You should check out this video that showcases some mods back in the day.


Oh how I miss the old days.

I don't think it will really be that much different. I've heard that a lot of people from Bungie went over to 343 Industries to work on the game. I've also heard that Bungie and 343 are in the same building.

@giga Heh that grifball looks like alot of fun. I can see myself getting all into that. @rh00d wow i didnt know there was such a huge community of modders for halo 2. That pretty crazy actually lol. Well from what they have shown from the in game story and the live action deal that comes out prior to the game, I'm really hoping for a good story. 

I am not sure how well 343 will handle it but all my concerns go out the window as soon as I hear the theme song, so yeh, I am pre-ordering it.

yeah i'm stoked for it and'll be picking it up day one. it's the best shooter in my household cause we usually have 2+ people that want to play. it looks like they've put a lot of thought into the multiplayer to mix things up a little and i love the detail in the maps. honestly haven't kept up with development as much as i should, but it is looking way better than reach. i don't know who made those multiplayer maps but they were bland as hell!

Halo got me into PC gaming and I like it. the only problem is its not being made for pc anymore. IF it was for pc i would have no desire for a xbox360 (I dont own one)

maybe Halo 3 will finally come to PC when Halo 4 comes out

Well its official Halo 4 = Worst COD remake ever.

have halo 4, its fun. glad they changed it up abit... sore of cod'ish but it still feels like halo. and it is fun to play.


Picked up a copy yesterday, feels very familiar and definately not a big departure from the normal halo offerings. Things just look more polished, haven't started the campaign yet as I usually Co-Op with my brother, but the Multiplayer is just an iteration on previous offerings. Still as usual, I will play it through and still get many hours out of it.

I feel out of the entire franchise the singleplayer in Halo 4 is by far the weakest yet the multiplayer is by far the strongist.

EMULATORZEZ=who need consokle?

Because emulators come with a lot of overhead, have compatability issues and currently as far as I am aware there is no support for the PS3 or 360.

I hate 343 Industries because they killed Cortana...

Halo Combat Evolved is how I started PC gaming. I was in about 5th grade I remember, and I had an HP desktop with an AMD processor that did like 1.3Ghz and XP was new when I got it. Snipers dream teams mod was so fun. And Halo custom edition came out which kicked ass too. I'm in 11th now though.