Halo 3 ODST - Live Action Trailer

There has not really been any live action pieces done for game trailers, actually I can't think of any, but the new live action trailer for the up coming Halo 3 games is pretty sweet.

Watch -Â http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rxUOdpAliE&feature=sub

Holy shit, I have never seen that and I am a huge ass halo fan haha. Seriously, that is an amazing trailer. One of the channels on JTV was playing ODST because he bought a french version on ebay. (In France a company released it early when they weren't suppose to) and while watching his feed the director of enforcement on Xbox Live came into the chat room and asked him to sign into live. The broadcaster tried to, but he couldn't connect. The manager then said "You and your console are now banned untill proven innocent. (He thinks he downloaded the copy, but he didn't). This all took place while the broadcaster was playing the campaign and broadcasting it for 500 other people, he was at the end of the game also.
Apparently it's a pretty long game addon.

Anyways I'm really excited, just pre-ordered it a couple of days ago. Can't wait to get my ass handed to me in firefight! lol
Anyways, thanks for the link to the vid man!

I cant fucking wait for this game, gonna pre-order it later this week so I can get the Halo Reach beta key

lol i wonder if there is any chance that Halo 3 will be ported over to pc, i mean it is microsoft...

if it is it will be a halo 2, many years overdue and no one will want it at that point.


What you talking about dude, halo 2 was one of the most antisipated games ever.

Read a book!

That trailer looks sick i can't wait

by the time halo 2 came out for pc halo 3 was almost out for the xbox and noone wanted to play it anymore, especially since other games like Bioshock were just released. plus it was full of DRM and didnt work with XP.

Obviously i was talking about the XBOX360 release.