Halo 2 on pc

So i saw some people talking about Halo on the kill your console video and decided i would post this:


This video is a tutorial on how to get halo 2 and play multiplayer. It's completely legal, some guy purchased like 900 keys and is giving them to whoever will take them. So just d/l the game and look through the text files and find an unused key. Figured i'd show you guys and try to get more people on there.

That is absolutely NOT legal it doesn't matter if he paid for the keys its still illegal to download the game without permission from Microsoft.

well i guess that makes sense. But if you can find away to acquire a legal copy then you have a key for free.

Why not just buy a copy on ebay for like 10 bucks?.

I guess it doesn't matter in the long run in a few months microsoft is shutting the MP servers down anyway.