Half-Life: Alyx

I have a Rift actually but I have no desire for this. I really don’t like VR that much tbh and the space requirement is insane. I haven’t set it back up since I moved simply because it’s a pita and I don’t want to clear half my basement for it.

How I feel about this.

Wait a minute

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Had to hijack some quote :stuck_out_tongue:

There are games that make proper use of VR, but none of them (afaik) are story focused like HalfLife.

And with all the hype, it will be a 7/10 at best.


So there you go, Valve taking a queue from Blizzard and letting you all know you should have VR equipment now :stuck_out_tongue:

At least Valve beeing privatly owned does not have daddy china giving it instructions.


Guaranteed lowest rated Half Life/Valve game of all time.

Maybe that’s why they released Artifact. So this wouldn’t be the worst lmao


@Mazeframe, I hear you but I shouldn’t be such a hypocrite when it comes to Valve/Steam as my 14,500+ Steam Library can attest to :stuck_out_tongue:

I would probably own a VR headset or three if I actually had the room to do so, I do however own quite a few VR ONLY titles in hopes to one day getting a device to play around with.

Ah a fellow pessimist.

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I’m all about the glass being half-empty :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m sure that before too long you are going to be able to play the game without a headset. I play Star Trek Bridge Crew without, it’s fine even if the controls are a little janky.

Either Valve will release it or someone will mod the game that lets the rest of the world have a go.

I like how as a preview to this they had a 2 hour talk about VR doors

Doubt it since its been worked on for like 3 years.

To be very honest I don’t think we are the target demographic for this. If you you are in the “not getting VR” camp doubt we would ever buy a VR only game.

My guess it will be like their other games as more of a showcase of tech with a game wrapped around it.

Now if they would get over their aversion to the number 3.

I know, Portal has a lot of questions to answer…



All their franchises are at 2. It’s crazy.

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A portal VR game would be fucking lit.


That would be a fast way to get sick with one of the jumping puzzles.

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Yeah sickening! but so much fun.

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Yeah, definitely. It’d be so much fun though.