Half life 3

i found this pic online if its a real thing its gonna be epic

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these graphics are amazing


i hate you


but ya i think we are going to see episode 3 before they make half life 3

yeah most likely but hey its a cool pic ain't it quite spiffy

Well graphics like that are very indeed possible, but I think that to develop a game that's as expansive as HL With graphics like that might take some time... So even though we don't know if it's real or fake, it could be either way. 50/50 it's real.

its looks like it would be real or at least i'm hoping it is real lol

Fake, this pic is around since a while.

fuck a duck i thought it was real

ah those graphics gave me an orgy but i thought episode 3 which is supposently comeing out 2010 is the last of the half life and div wow your computer can run graphics like that? better than crysis

Those graphics made you have a sex party?


lol i say random stuff if you havent read like 95% of my posts on this forum since i registered

no no no sargent bannanas we dont judge you on what makes you have sex parties we just want to make sure your having them

haha wanna join lol

that first screenshot looks shopped. but if its not then there has to be a new engine in the works for hl3 lol

Sonota (1): o fuck

Sonota (1): almost broke my xbox

Those pics are already marked as fake.

Been on the "webs" for many years.. lul

@Blood, You try catching an xbox with a fractured thumb!!!

@Div Pic


Obvious fake, y is there crosshair for crowbar?