Half life 3 really happening? maybe for VR?

I see that theirs a lot of talk and news about half life 3 that has popped up all over the place. It come up all over the news section on google and some very trust worthy websites have talked about this.

Do you guys think this is finally happening? or is it just a big rumor that has taken off? I hope this is not a rumor and i hope it does not take another 10 years to make a new one if the story carry's on.... we shall have to wait and see i guess..

If they are talking about Half Life 3 they are not trust worthy.


The talk has always been there so nothing new really.

However youay be right with the VR part along with a few others. Valve will want this to be THE steam game and as such they will want to leveraging ever last thing they have. So fully expect it to be a VR capable game, playable normaioly on a screen sure but better by a long shot with a VIVE.

I would also say one of the thing still holding it up is stuff like Source 2 in a fully complete form. I know there are bits of it in DOTA and a dew others. Source 2 with incredible Vulkan implementation woild be huge for them with their push for open source. Also behind right now is Steam OS and open source or even good closed drivers for Linux for all cards, I am not sure how long they will wait for this but it needs to be a good show on Linux for their open source push.

So while I do believe thy are working on HL3 it will not yet be ready for release. It has to be huge to stave off the over expectation and a technically amazing fame will help that with the news not only being reviews but all the new stuff it brings to games in general.

I thought for a while now that Source Engine 2 would be optimized for VR and support VR fully, which is why HL3 is taking so damn long. So it wouldn't come as a surprise to me.

But I don't see this popping up on any trustworthy websites. Just the usual clickbait sites.

At this point Gaben him self could make a video say we are making HL3 and shit and i still would not believe it till it was released

just to pitch my 2 coins

if its comes out its doubtful it'll run on 'source' engine - they are likely to buy license from id software for id-tech 6. (but its still quite young) so its unlikely we'll see it for another 2 years. (its realistic to say 2018 in 2years from today)

Id said they will not license there engine to anyone other than Bethesda

well then maybe another 5 years for source to catch up.

I have a theory.

Half Life 3 + Portal + VR.

Imagine Half Life 3, with the gravity gun, weapons, AND the portal gun, in VR. Talk about a complete fucking mind fuck.

Anything with Half Life 3 in the title should be assumed to be speculation and rumor and nothing more until it is proven otherwise.

we will have to come back in 2 years to see huh

I like this video on the matter and I agree with most of its points

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