Half life 3 confirmed (really?)

Just to let you know that Valve has trademarked Half Life 3.  One step closer



in europe.

I saw that after the post.. 

Yet nothing is happening.

URL doesn't have a three, your point is invalid.

I found a gem in their new employee hand book that showed a dev with a halflife 3 shirt on... It was on the page titled "How to Find Out Whats Happening."

I agree with many people in that they are developing it, but are not giving themselves a deadline (let's face it, they are a good gaming dev company and realize people hate incomplete games [like Rome II].)

Hm.. Why the hell wasn't this trademark registered earlier?

In any case, this is indeed interesting

God seeing rome 2 but that's another topic.  Also I believe that they are just shoring up the name in case you see like a million half life 3 websites pop up internationally claming to be legit.

But I can see it now "Bundle Steam box with half life 3 and get the Signature crowbar w/headcrab pet PRE ORDER NOW!!"

To everyone who isn't really looking into it. They filed an INTENT-TO-USE trademark patent. They have from 3 to 5 years to at the very least ANNOUNCE half life 3. What they did was give themselves a deadline. Why? You figure it out, you're smart people.

Finally we get the integrated facebook and reddit experience, the ingame dynamic advertising for erectile disfunction pills and android support that the community has been asking for (jokes)! You laugh now[HATS off to you]...

Am I the only one who just wants Half Life 3 to be released so fan boys stfu about it already? The original Half Life was an amazing game, but the second one was vastly overrated, imo, and only really got popular because the graphics were ground breaking at the time. It was the Crysis of its time: amazing graphics and a pretty uncompelling story. Yet every time the word Valve is mentioned, some asshole starts yelling Half Life 3 as if he's entitled to a sequel. I'm just sick of hearing it.

Hat-life3? Anyone :}


That makes sense. I've seen many company's file for a domain name just because they want it just in case though.

No one can beat Half Life, Opposing Force, and Blue Shift. The game is just too fucking rad. Not even Half Life 3 can beat the original.


look at the numbers at the end.

6 8 8 5 8 9

if you use math.....

-6 + 8 + 8 ÷ 5 - 8 + 9 = 3

Half Life 3 confirmed

That is awesome.

HAHA, Awesome.

This would be so funny if this was just Valve trolling, hehe.

so it turns out we won't be getting HL3 any time soon. just check out the bilboard in the future at 0:10