Half Life 1 Playthrough

I just started the half life series for the first time yesterday and am currently on chapter 6 in half life 1. I can't believe how much fun Half Life 1 is. I don't know any of the story beyond the point where I'm at (beginning part of "The Blast Pit") so if you could refrain from spoilers that would be great. How did you guys like Half life 1?

I liked it a lot when i played it the first time over a decade ago ( my father didnt care about age restrictions, he even played a lot of elite force 2 multiplayer with my brothers and I later). You might want to check out Black mesa later, its a good looking free remake of hl1 with some improvements in puzzles etc., it lacks the last few hours though.

Quite simply the best experience of your life!...or at least your gaming one. Truely a great game. I'm just disappointed that developers no longer make games as they used to. 

Not sure where i found it but i did read somewhere that they are making 'Xen,' which includes a remake of the rest of the game

If you don't mind older visuals you can always give They Hunger a try, it's a really awesome single player mod. http://planethalflife.gamespy.com/View.php?view=HLMotw.Detail&id=11

Yep, still waiting for xen.

Playing half life for the first time many years ago was one of those experiences i'll never forget. At the time the game was absolutely amassing and I've haven't come across many games which blew me away like half life did back then. However personally I feel like today the game hasn't a lot of replay value compared to other old game with a special place in my hearth.

The game was Fantastic! But there were some points in the game where I would be spending a few hours looking for a door and then releasing it was unlocked the entire time.

The first game was the best. I have them all and on all platforms. Freaking love the first games. The second one wasnt as good in my opioion. Didnt feel like a horror and their wasnt much of a puzzle like the portals near the end. You need to play blue shift and the others if you havent, Also if you play HL1 on the console you get another story line where can play with a friend split screen.