HAF XB/LANBOX Alternitives?

Are there any cases with slightly less features, somewhere around 50 dollars? Looking for a cube with micro ATX support, the elite series looked great but it's ITX only, though I suppose I could buy an ITX board with the money instead, though I'm using FM2 atm and FM2+ ITX boards are around 100.

Anyways back on topic the case is here it's pretty fully featured but I don't think I'd use any, any cube alternatives? my current case is a HAF 912, and it's getting a bit too big for my tastes.

And on a side note anyone know what the chances are to go on fire sale for black friday/cyber monday? I'd imagine the sale won't be too great if there's any at all.


I've found the Rosewill Legacy V4-B, haven't looked much into it much


And looking more into it, maybe it's better just to get the HAF XB for it's features, Why must choosing hardware be so difficult.