HAF-X/Roswell Blackhawk ultra/thor

So as the title suggests, before I go through with my build I decided to after a couple years of using the same case (the HAF-X) i wanted to maybe get something else

The Blackhawk ultra is sick, its huge(love giant cases) Fans are in and out the ass, My build is a black and red build so the red fans come in handy, Its sexy

The HAF-X has always done what i wanted, I believe in the High Air Flow brand, wiring was good. Just general love for the case

Then the Rosewell Thor v2 (black) This case is in there because its just a little bigger then the HAF-X but smaller then the Blackhawk, its like a inbetween, but its byfar the best looking and with the vent fins at the top makes its sick.


But more or less im looking for some new insite from others and any experience with the cases, Also would love to see what you guys say is the SEXIEST because we all know, Looks are what matters 



This one looks sexy too in my opinion ;)



That does look cool, but doesnt fit my EATX ASUS board, and its not a full tower lol

get the thor, unless you have an absolute monster of a motherboard, or have alot of money to spend, the thor v2 is your best option. heck, I plan on getting one for my build!

So you like big cases eh?


Pro tip #1: Never buy Raidmax anything.

Your case is the thing you have to look at every day. It better be something you like as well as fit all your goodies inside. I like to consider room for a little expansion when I get a case. My colour is blue so I went with the 932 HAF X Blue edition. It comes in a red LED too.  This case comes with wheels, a 2.5 adaptor for an SSD plus 2 bays for 2.5 and 3.5 hard drives. Most of all it provides huge air flow with 200mm plus fans that run slower yet give better cfm than 120mm. Once again, this is just my opinion.