Hades sale thread

I have the following for sale,
MSI z87-g45, 70usd comes with IO shield
biostar ta990fxe, 90usd comes with IO shield
nvidia GTX 550ti, 40usd

Feel free to make an offer.

Buyer will pay shipping and payments must be made via paypal.


Any chance of you knowing the BIOS version on that Biostar TA990FXE?

Not at home right now. I'll let you know tomorrow evening.

I suppose the more important question would be, can it run an FX-83XX processor out-of-the-box? I know that the TA990FXE is apart of the first generation of 990FX boards that rolled out with the original first generation Bulldozer, so I don't know it will readily take Vishera CPUs without a slight brushing up.

Anyway, no rush. I'm asking on behalf of a friend, who has been looking at, and assembling, hardware to assemble a new rig for the past month.

Yes it can run an 8350 and it has.

May I ask why you are charging more for the Biostar than the MSI?

The msi board goes for upwards of 80usd from what I can find. But the Biostar was kinda limited run , I wasn't able to find many of them for sale and u know I paid around 140 for it new and it hasn't been run very hard.

If no one else meets your offer of $90 plus shipping, I'll offer you $50 + shipping for the TA990FXE. (Willing to haggle, of course.) It may seem like a rather low counter-offer, but it is a four-year old EOL component which has two things going for it: a Realtek ALC 892 chipset for sound, which is still pretty good, and a VRM with robust components - although in a 4+1 configuration.

willing to do 75$+shipping

Sorry for the delayed response; ended going on a road trip on the other side of the state.

I'm considering getting this (the Biostar motherboard) for a friend, but they are hemming and hawing. Don't wait to sell it to anyone else on my account. I'll check in, occasionally, but it will be at least a week before I decide to make a purchase.

Just feel free to PM if your still interested. Im in no rush with anything. just trying to do a bit of cleaning.